What Shoes Do I Wear With My Skinny Jeans? : A Shoe Guide for Girls

Skinny jeans now are the new flare jeans then. It’s our go-to bottoms when we have nothing to else to where. It’s versatile, comfortable and stylish — it can make ANYONE look good in any occasion. The trick is to pair it with the right top & shoes for a perfect ensemble.

Because of a skinny jeans’ versatility, deciding what shoes to wear with it can become overwhelming. Just focus on what kind of look you’re going for and you’ll figure it out from them. To help you out, check out this quick shoe guide!

Laid Back : Classic Sneakers

Looking cool is best achieved with skinny jeans paired with any classic sneakers you have. Whether it’s an old Chuck Taylors or a white Sperry kicks, you will definitely look chic and effortlessly beautiful. It’s an outfit that isn’t hungry for attention, but a sure head turner nonetheless.


Simply Casual : Flat Strappy Sandals

Whether you’re going out to meet a friend for brunch or just going out get a coffee fix, look simple and pretty with a flat strappy sandals. Allow your pretty feet to see the world through a breathable type of footwear. Sometimes it gets tiring to wear shoes all the time, so it’s to opt for sandals once in a while.


Classic Chic : Ballet Flats or Loafers

Wearing flats with skinny jeans is a perfect balance of classy and chic. This is the best ensemble for wine night with friends or a buffet dinner with family. You can never go wrong donning a comfy outfit while still looking chic with a simple nude colored flats or a Gucci inspired loafers.


For a Night Out: Strappy Heels

Just like skinny jeans, strappy heels are versatile. It goes with any type of clothing whether it’s a cocktail dress, mini skirt, smart casual or even shorts! It’s amazing how it can immediately upgrade your simple look to a simply sexy kind of style. It’s perfect for a night out with friends and booze.


Classy Casual Look: Pointy Pumps

If you’re expecting to have a quick and kind of informal meeting with a potential client, or a lunch date with a new guy, dress down with skinny jeans plus affordable yet elegant sunglasses but look a little formal with pointy pumps. It will give your look a fresh look while meaning business. A pair of pumps never fail to give a girl the boost of confidence she needs.


Daring & Bold: Over-the-Knee Boots

For days when we feel like we own the world, boots are the answer. It creates a cool silhouette to our legs making your legs look sexy. For a sleek & daring combination, opt for suede black boots and a black flowy button up.

There you have it, a quick shoe guide to help you decide what shoes to wear when donning a pair of skinny jeans! Just don’t forget to bring your confidence with you too. Always remember what Marilyn Monroe once said, “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”, so make sure to choose the right one!

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