How to Pack your Luggage in less than 30 Minutes

packing your luggage

It’s difficult to travel when you have a lot of luggage to carry with during your trip. Aside from that, it’s not practical to bring many things when you’re on an adventure; because not only it becomes a hindrance to your escapade, but it also maximizes your baggage fees. Whether you’re just on a two-day getaway, these effective packing hacks will surely minimize your time and maximize space.


  1.      Pick the right-sized luggage

If your trip is not that long, it’s wiser to choose a small carry-on bag; and it’s possible to squeeze all your important things, too. However, if it’s necessary to have a bigger suitcase, try t choose a bag that is bigger enough to accommodate all your things. Don’t force your things to be stuffed in a small bag, because it’ll be a waste of energy and time; especially if you’re fond of buying souvenirs for your loved ones and dearest friends. It’s best to assess your needs before choosing your luggage.


  1.      Choose your weapon

When I say gears, I meant the things you’ll bring and essentially convenient at all times like your everyday phone and its impact proof cases. For example, in a waterproof bag, stuff all your toiletries soap and etc., so it’ll be easier for you to get it out inside your bag, without ruining your packing. Other travelers prefer their toiletries and hygiene things in a smaller container. Since full-sized products will just eat up all your space. There is travel-friendly holder that you can use to set up your accessories and pieces of jewelry. It’s wiser if you store them in a transparent box, so it’ll be easier for you to see them.


  1.      Coordinate your wardrobe

Obviously, you have to plan your entire outfit on your escapade, to make sure you brought enough clothes. When you know and planned out your entire wardrobe, then it’ll minimize your time. Mix and match clothes- wear the same pair of pants with a variety of trouser tops or blouses. Generally, if you’re on a business trip, you need to bring with you these shoes: professional, snazzy and a casual pair for evenings, depending on the level of formality of the business that you’ll attend to. Try choosing clothes with neutral colors, because they work great in multiple outfits. However, if you have essential things that you have left at home- don’t worry, because you can buy it on your destination- it can also work as your souvenir, too!


Nonetheless, packing is a fun thing to do! Because it just only means that for a short period of time, even if you’re not on your humble abode, your trip will take you somewhere far away from the busy streets and city lights; and to retain that excitement of yours you have to keep your pace while packing. Travelling requires you to carry luggage that they are easy to carry; and you have to think for more ways to pack in less than 30 minutes, then voila! Bon voyage, traveler!



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