Get To Know the Fashion Icons of All Time and What They’re Known For


While new styles and trends are introduced to us every now and then, it’s no doubt that the fashion industry wouldn’t be where it is now without some of the iconic personalities who have once donned a piece of clothing that we now consider as a classic. Smartphones and social media weren’t a thing yet during their time so it was more difficult for celebrities to show the world what they’re wearing.


There are a number of trends today that are inspired by earlier fashion styles like high waist swimsuits, bold prints, plunging necklines and many others. The question is, who started it? refer to this website for further reference.


Crazy Costumes by Madonna


The iconic music artist is said to be the pop diva of fashion. In her concerts, she is seen always wearing a cool costume that makes her audience and almost anyone who sees it go crazy. The bold choices Madonna made changed the way people viewed artists. Many artists today also don eye catching outfits like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.


Sexy Curves by Marilyn Monroe


The iconic woman in a windy white dress and red lipstick is the image of sexy no matter what year it is. It is said that she brought sex appeal into the fashion industry and it’s no doubt that she did. Marilyn Monroe has curves that a lot of people went crazy for. She was also seen in high waist swimsuits which is also one of the trends that is slowly getting back into the spotlight these days.


LBD by Audrey Hepburn


The little black dress fashion staple exists today thanks to Audrey Hepburn in the 60’s movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. It’s classy, elegant and timeless — which is why it is an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe. Every costume party almost always has an Audrey Hepburn impersonator and if that’s not a sign of her being an icon, I don’t know what is.


Simple Chic by Jackie Kennedy


“Simplicity is beauty,” they say. Thanks to Jackie Kennedy for introducing us to this kind of fashion. Conservative fashion has never been so chic and beautiful. One of the best clothes to portray this fashion sense is a Chanel suit and a box hat. Talk about classy!


Dazzling Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor


Have you ever heard of the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? The one and only Elizabeth Taylor has made this a thing and now a lot of women has made investments with dazzling pieces of accessories. Nothing best represents glamour than diamonds paired with pretty dresses with plunging necklines or fur wraps.


Other icons like these five include Twiggy, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, and many others. Their style has inspired so many women around the world from different generations. It’s amazing how they left a fashion legacy that lives until today. If it weren’t for these fashion icons, the industry wouldn’t be as beautiful and as stylish as it is right now.

What Shoes Do I Wear With My Skinny Jeans? : A Shoe Guide for Girls

Skinny jeans now are the new flare jeans then. It’s our go-to bottoms when we have nothing to else to where. It’s versatile, comfortable and stylish — it can make ANYONE look good in any occasion. The trick is to pair it with the right top & shoes for a perfect ensemble.

Because of a skinny jeans’ versatility, deciding what shoes to wear with it can become overwhelming. Just focus on what kind of look you’re going for and you’ll figure it out from them. To help you out, check out this quick shoe guide!

Laid Back : Classic Sneakers

Looking cool is best achieved with skinny jeans paired with any classic sneakers you have. Whether it’s an old Chuck Taylors or a white Sperry kicks, you will definitely look chic and effortlessly beautiful. It’s an outfit that isn’t hungry for attention, but a sure head turner nonetheless.


Simply Casual : Flat Strappy Sandals

Whether you’re going out to meet a friend for brunch or just going out get a coffee fix, look simple and pretty with a flat strappy sandals. Allow your pretty feet to see the world through a breathable type of footwear. Sometimes it gets tiring to wear shoes all the time, so it’s to opt for sandals once in a while.


Classic Chic : Ballet Flats or Loafers

Wearing flats with skinny jeans is a perfect balance of classy and chic. This is the best ensemble for wine night with friends or a buffet dinner with family. You can never go wrong donning a comfy outfit while still looking chic with a simple nude colored flats or a Gucci inspired loafers.


For a Night Out: Strappy Heels

Just like skinny jeans, strappy heels are versatile. It goes with any type of clothing whether it’s a cocktail dress, mini skirt, smart casual or even shorts! It’s amazing how it can immediately upgrade your simple look to a simply sexy kind of style. It’s perfect for a night out with friends and booze.


Classy Casual Look: Pointy Pumps

If you’re expecting to have a quick and kind of informal meeting with a potential client, or a lunch date with a new guy, dress down with skinny jeans plus affordable yet elegant sunglasses but look a little formal with pointy pumps. It will give your look a fresh look while meaning business. A pair of pumps never fail to give a girl the boost of confidence she needs.


Daring & Bold: Over-the-Knee Boots

For days when we feel like we own the world, boots are the answer. It creates a cool silhouette to our legs making your legs look sexy. For a sleek & daring combination, opt for suede black boots and a black flowy button up.

There you have it, a quick shoe guide to help you decide what shoes to wear when donning a pair of skinny jeans! Just don’t forget to bring your confidence with you too. Always remember what Marilyn Monroe once said, “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”, so make sure to choose the right one!

The Kinds of Dresses That Should Be Part of Your Wardrobe


“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” – Coco Chanel



Every woman looks good in a dress, no matter what the occasion. It’s just a matter of how they wear it and if they wore it with confidence. Lazy days are inevitable; days when we don’t want to wear pants or to mix & match tops and bottoms. For days like these, we can’t thank the sartorial gods enough for the invention of dresses and some great marketer like SEO specialist based in Cebu. It’s just one big piece of fabric styled beautifully or transformed into something new with patterns, layers, patches, stitches, and other embellishments. Just one fashion piece, and you’re already fully clothed and ready to go. Different days and occasions mean we should wear different dresses that are appropriate for the event. Take a look at what dresses you should have in your closet just in case you suddenly need it!




The classic little black dress is a must-have. It’s a dress that fits any event whether it’s a night out, client meeting, or a lunch date. It’s effortlessly chic and elegant, and perfect for days when we just don’t have the energy to look like Kylie Jenner.


Business Dress


It’s always a good idea to keep something decent and stylishly conservative. It’s perfect for business events or client meetings that you have to go too. An example of a good business dress is a sheath dress. It suits any occasion and any body type.


Maxi dress


To achieve that laid back and casual look, a maxi dress can do the trick. A maxi dress is a long dress that is breathable and very comfortable to wear.  Whoever said that maxi dresses are only for tall girls is wrong. It’s a myth; maxi dresses look good on everyone. You just have to choose the kind of maxi dress carefully depending on your height and body size (cutouts, gradient, straight cut, etc).


Lace dress


A lace dress is the perfect way for you to flaunt femininity and elegance. Lace details looks quite luxurious and chic which makes any woman simply beautiful. It’s perfect for any event, as long as you pair it with the right shoes and the accessories and you’re good to go!


Long gown


For times when there’s a formal dinner that you suddenly got invited to, having a long gown on standby would come in handy. To match any theme, opt for neutral colors such as beige, black, gray or different shades of white. Go for classy designs or sexy cuts that still look elegant and beautiful.


Cocktail/Clubbing dress


For evening events where you want to look stylish, flirty or sexy, you won’t go wrong with a cocktail dress. It’s much more comfortable to wear and it won’t limit your movements especially when you dance or play games.  It’s the perfect choice for when you have a girls’ night out in a club.


Summer dress


These are breathable and playful looking dresses that’s usually flowy so it goes with the summer wind. This is like a combination of maxi dresses and cocktail dresses but more on lighter and cooler fabrics with summer colors and summer prints. It’s best paired with summer straw hats and bags, a sunglasses and cute slip on sandals or classy flip flops.

6 Style Tips and Fashion Tricks for Petite Girls


Let’s face it, not a lot of girls are gifted with height, and that’s okay. There are pros and cons of being petite and it’s all about acceptance. Well thank God for fashion — we can look good despite being a shortie.


Although almost everyone is familiar with the word “petite”, many are still confused about the term. It actually means girls who are 5’4 and under. Clothes for petite girls have a specific cut which caters to the measurements of someone under the average height of a woman. So whether you’re busty or curvy, your height is the priority so don’t overlook the petite section when shopping.


Balance is key.

It’s tricky being petite because not all trends are applicable to us, so you have to work your way around it to your advantage. Pair crop tops with high waist pants, and pair denim shorts with an oversized knit sweater for a perfect balance.


The Kids Section is a friend.

You can’t deny that some clothes for kids got style. In this case, you’re in luck! Their sizes are quite similar with the measurements for the petite girls. Don’t overlook this section because you might just find what you’re looking for right here.


Pay attention to silhouettes with Maxis.

Maxis are another tricky thing. Aside from silhouettes, keep in mind tip #1 when working with maxis. When a maxi dress or maxi skirt is a quite roomy at the bottom, just balance it out with a fitted top (tucked in or crop top) or  a fitted jacket. This style gives a very fresh and airy look making you look perfectly and stylishly laid-back.


DIY is your savior.

The odds are not always in your favor when it comes to some clothes. Sometimes we really want the last little black dress in store even though it has a length that’s a bit longer than we want it to be. That’s why it’s important to know how to DIY so you could make your own adjustments. If not, you could always go to a good tailor to have it altered.


Invest in petite-friendly hangers.

Lastly, buy smaller hangers. Standard or larger hangers can ruin clothes with a petite cut. Some of these tend to poke the sleeves or the shoulder area which stretches the fabric and ruins the fit. It’s best to use smaller hangers for some pieces of petite clothing to keep them in pristine condition for a long time.


Match the color of your bottoms with the color of your shoes.

This is a great trick to make your legs look longer. If you pair white pants with black boots, the tendency is your shoes looks like it cut the length of your legs which results in you looking shorter. Petite girls would look so much better wearing black sneakers with  black high waist pants. An opportunity for me to look taller — yes please!